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The International Federation of Gamefowl Breeders Associations (FIGBA), Inc. is a federation of legitimate gamefowl breeders associations in the Philippines that promotes gamefowl breeding as a cultural, recreational and tourism activity.
In celebration of its 20th year as a Federation, we begin a mini-series to look back at FIGBA’s achievements and what it has contributed to the gamefowl industry as a whole.
Being the country’s foremost gamefowl breeders organization established in the year 2000 as the former National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders with only 9 member associations, the Federation continued its steady growth under the good leadership of President Ricoy Palmares Jr.  Back then, they only had 190 entries vying for the total pot prize.
But in 2016, even as the Federation continues to grow with 37 solid member associations, the body decided to spread its wings to partner with international breeders and share its best practices with them in terms of assisting in organizing their groups into formal associations. Thus, FIGBA was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Now on its 20th year, the Federation is even more dedicated and committed to promote the sport as an industry and a noble tradition, where gamefowl breeding is revered as a national pastime and a sport that depicts the true meaning of Honesty, Integrity and Fairplay. Its mission has always been to uplift the gamefowl industry as one of the movers of our economy and to promote the sport as a source of livelihood to millions of Filipinos. FIGBA exists to protect the inherent right and passion of every gamefowl aficionado to enjoy the sport as a part of our country’s tradition.
(To be continued…)